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Carpet cleaning seems simple but actually involves a lot of physically demanding work. Even when you hire a professional company to clean your carpets, the work still involves a person physically cleaning the carpets — which unfortunately means your carpet may not be as clean as you think.

Most carpet cleaning companies clean four or five homes per day using a carpet wand system. This system requires technicians to physically guide and move the carpet wand to successfully extract dirt, particles and stains from your carpets.

As you can imagine, if you are the third, fourth or fifth house they clean that day, how clean are your carpets really getting? That technician may be pushing the wand around, but human nature and physics dictates that the job will not be done as well as it was at the first house of the day.

Fortunately, you do not have to take chances with your carpet when you call Recovery Solutions. Our high-tech carpet cleaning process revolves around the CRX20 cleaning machine. Whether you need your home, office or retail carpet cleaned, the CRX20 rotary cleaning machine ensures a deep clean no matter how tired your technician gets throughout the day.

Removing dirt embedded deeply inside of the carpet can take hours with traditional vacuum cleaners and carpet wand systems. Using the CRX20, we can guarantee a cleaner carpet in less time and with less effort. So, our last house of the day gets just as good a result as the first!

Below are some additional benefits of having your carpets cleaned with an CRX20 machine:

  1. Non-Stop Effectiveness: The cleaning will remain the same throughout the day. If we have multiple jobs in one day, we ensure that if your home is the last stop of the day, you don’t have to worry about our team’s physical condition affecting your results. We ensure that your clean will be as good as the first clean of the day due to the effectiveness and ease of the CRX20.
  2. Deep Cleaning: Traditional cleaning wands often only clean the top layers of your carpet. It may look clean, but the missed particles will eventually rise to the surface. The CRX20 removes particles, dirt and stains by cleaning all sides of the fibers down to the top of the backing. It accomplishes this by making 650 rotations per minute — ensuring a deep and sanitary carpet for your friends, family, kids and pets.
  3. Quick Drying Technology: The CRX20 deep cleans your carpet by extracting water and debris that traditional cleaning wands can’t touch. This also cuts the drying time nearly in half. No more worrying about waiting around all day and not being able to walk on your carpet.

For more information about deep cleaning from the experts at Recovery Solutions, please contact us here or call us directly at 269.245.0406.